Welcome to the Bags of Support Homepage

Like you, here at Bags of Support we are passionate about supporting the local community and doing what we can to save and improve our environment, with the benefit of also assisting less fortunate people around the world.

By collecting and recycling unwanted clothes, shoes and handbags, your school, charity or organisation could be earning money and helping to reduce waste destined for landfill and with 1.2 million tonnes of household textile waste going to landfill each year, what better way to inspire and encourage our children to lead the way and reduce our global footprint.
Textiles are the 2nd most polluting industry and contribute hugely to global warming- by encouraging recycling we can effectively do our bit for the planet.

We are a Green Award Winning organisation based in West Sussex, that ethically recycle textiles. We initially sort the clothes into items that the community we support In Uganda and the Orphanage in Romania are requesting. We then look to recycle the remaining textiles in the most environmentally appropriate way possible -ideally in the UK. We guarantee nothing is put into landfill.

We donate to our schools, at least 20% more than our competitors.

Recently we sent of 250kg of clothing to The Goldenia Orphanage in Romania, that arrived at the Orphanage in time for Christmas and last October we took 750kg to Nkuringo in Uganda.